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    Group Fitness Classes in Tallahassee FL, Group Fitness Classes near Tallahassee FL
    Nutrition Program at Blackbox Community Fitness in Tallahassee FL, Nutrition Program at Blackbox Community Fitness near Tallahassee FL
    Personal Fitness Training in Tallahassee FL, Personal Fitness Training near Tallahassee FL
    Olympic Weightlifting Training in Tallahassee FL, Olympic Weightlifting Training near Tallahassee FL
    Athletic Training in Tallahassee FL, Athletic Training near Tallahassee FL


    Black Box Community

    Our commitment over the past decade has been to provide quality group training designed to improve all areas of fitness and prepare you for anything you may experience in day to day life. Squatting to pick something off the floor, lifting a box to store in the attic, moving a piece of furniture across the room, chasing your dog or kids in the yard, jumping over a crack so you don’t break your mama’s back… you’ll develop the skills you need to do all of this and more at Black Box!

    We’ve finessed our daily programming to cover a range of strengths and skills each week and developed an environment that members LOVE to be a part of.




    Our Location

    645 W Gaines St, Tallahassee, FL 32304