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Tallahassee’s best workout is just walking distance from FSU and the buzzing Gaines Street District, so it’s easy to get back to work (or class) as well as a bite to eat after the best hour of your day – your workout at Black Box Fitness! Our 9,000-square-foot facility is stocked with all the equipment you’d expect at a world-class facility like ours. Inside our restored 1950’s warehouse, not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll also make new friends … or maybe more. We’ve had SEVERAL couples get married after meeting at Black Box Fitness!


A black box refers to a system for which you can observe its inputs and outputs but never the internal workings. When we started Black Box in 2009, we didn’t know exactly what we would create within these walls, but we knew one thing: if people determined to improve their health walked in and gave each day their all, they would walk out better than the day before because of what happened inside this box.

Our commitment over the past decade has been to provide quality group training designed to improve all areas of fitness and prepare you for anything you may experience in day to day life. Squatting to pick something off the floor, lifting a box to store in the attic, moving a piece of furniture across the room, chasing your dog or kids in the yard, jumping over a crack so you don’t break your mama’s back… you’ll develop the skills you need to do all of this and more at Black Box!

We’ve finessed our daily programming to cover a range of strengths and skills each week and developed an environment that members LOVE to be a part of.

Beyond the coach-led group classes designed to accommodate anyone from beginner to advanced athlete, beyond nutrition programs customized to fit your individual body type and activity level, and beyond our quarterly goal-setting sessions designed to help you achieve your goals sooner, our community is second to none!

Our members form bonds that last a lifetime and we’re so proud to provide an environment for these relationships to thrive.


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